How to send a text for translation and pricing?

Sworn translations Document should be scanned and saved as jpg. or pdf. document. All hand written texts and seals must be legible.
Other translations Document should be saved as doc. Scanned documents should be sent as jpg. or pdf.

In 3 days we send by e-mail information concerning the price and time of performing the translation.

Translations for companies

Companies service includes translations of correspondence, business contracts, offers prepared for foreign markets such as: brochures, folders and business cards, as well as translations of presentations and business contacts talks.

We offer favorable negotiated rates to regular customers.
In case of first three orders (written translations up to 5 pages and interpreting up to 3 hours) we offer discount prices constituting 70% of regular price.

Convince yourselves about the quality of out service.

Translations of car documents

If you bought a car abroad you have to deliver to a proper registrar a sworn translation of a registration, purchase sale contract and departure announcement.

Our pricelist

Vehicle registration card Departure announcement or registrar Contract
38 z? 30 z? 32 z?


Monthly, we offer discount prices for translations in one of the offered languages. It means that for the regular translations proposed by us in a particular language our customers will get a
10% discount.

December - discount on translations in German
January - discount on translations in English
February - discount on translations in French
March - discount on translations in Italian
April - discount on translations in Spanish

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